Welcome to Solberg Guitars
We are a small business with a passion for making interesting guitars. All guitars are made in my workshop in the East nuek of Fife Scotland and we will be show casing some of our guitars at exhibitions around the UK and Europe next year 2020. I only make a small number of guitars a year and each one in truly hand crafted. Our aim is to build guitars with a focus on sound and tone then looks and to the requirements of the customer. Instruments range from basic guitars with traditional vibe to bespoke instruments and my own guitar designs with will be available in 2020, see ‘new guitar 2020’ tab in menu to see the progress on these instruments. The price depends on the work required and cost of parts. I build with a focus on, a wide spectrum of tonal variations based on woods used, pick up specifications and electronic circuits. Woods are from a sustainable source in the Scottish highlands when ever possible, of the highest quality and selected on sound, grain and aesthetics. Several finishes are available using waterborne stains or traditional paints and lacquers. Pickups can be commercially available ones that you like or you can choose a custom pickup with magnet pole configuration and styles decided by you the customer. These custom made pickups are designed by me but manufacture by one of the UKs most renowned independent companies. Below are the type of guitars that have built with links to the specs and close up photos of the finishes or use ‘The Guitars’ tab in the menu bar above.

To view some of the guitars that have been made click here

Please note I do not provide a on-line click and buy service as I want to discuss with the client what there wishes are and to get as much detail as possible i.e. type of music you play or the tones you want and play ability etc.

Please have a quick look around. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about guitar builds.


To order your own Custom guitar please click this link or the ‘Commission a guitar’ tab.

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