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Thought I would do a few posts and some videos to be uploaded on my you tube channel  on the question of pedal boards. Though these can be fun they can also cause a lot of trouble if it is not setup right, a gutarist nightmare. Just plugging in and hopeing for the best can result in a more fuzzy sound than you bargined for ! A pedal board, mine is above and listed below in detail, is obviously a common feature of many guitarists rig. This can range from a simple pedal board containing 3-4 pedals with ones favortite effects, to large boards with all kind of things plugged in ! I have also seen people with two large boards which, in my opinion, only means there not sure what there doing 🙂 However, several things need to be realized before embarking on setting up a pedal board. So what do you need ? 

  1. What type of board to use, it’s size and if it will be transported and a flight case type is  needed. 
  2. What power sources are you going to use battery, transformers or power plant.
  3. Power rating of pedals and compatabilite with power source-transformer
  4. Connection leads for pedals and there length including cables to and from amplifier.
  5. Is a pedal switcher needed depending on the number of pedals you have or are you happy doing the pedal dance with one foot ?
  6. Type of pedals you want depending on what you do i.e. just to emulate your recording and the production-mastering of your music or more experimental.
  7. The type of amplifier you are using i.e. puting your signal through.  

Just some of the things I will touch on in future blogs and videos

So here is my pedal board which is a SPIDER flight case, very sturdy and solid. In reality there are only 4 effect pedals on this board:

  1. Voodoo labs Sparkle drive.
  2. Voodoo labs Giggity.
  3. Boss super Chorus.
  4.  TLC electronics Tripple Flashback Delay….and thats it !

Other pedals: 

My Reverb and Tremolo pedal is direct into the tube amp

Boss RC30 dual channel looper.

TLC electronics Sentry Noise gate. This is only coupled in over the Sparkle Drive and Giggity pedals not the other pedals ..its not needed.

Power sources:

Mscien. Individual plugg bank fused. 

Carl Martin’s Big John (no puns please). This has 7 x 9V individual isolated outputs at 600mA and S.C protected.

Power labs Power pedal ISO 5. Five outputs all individually isolated. 3X9V 

, one dual output at 9V-12V at 400mA and one at 18V output.

Carl Martin pedal Switcher. The rig is navigated using a Carl Martin 8 channel pedal switcher. This also has 2 channels for external inputs.

SO with the basics done I will post more later and look out for the videos folks Cheers Filip 





Published by Filip Solberg

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