New Standard T types coming up for sale soon.


Just so people know I have two guitars, bodies made from two piece American ash, just being finished and for sale soon. These are my new standard T type guitars. One in Tobacco burst with quilted maple top, chrome controls and neck pickup mount i.e no pick guard. The neck is a vintage 7.5 with vintage clear gloss finish with locking tuners. This has two Bare knuckle Blackguard telecaster flat 50 pickups. Controls are four way switching: Bridge, neck-bridge in parallel, neck-bridge in series and neck only Volume and tone as usual. The tone capacitor is a 0.033μF and the volume pot is a push/pull for switching to the so called ‘Bright tone’ see link for example. Controls and tuners are in chrome.

The second guitar is medium yellow with the ash grain clearly visible through the lacquer. All hardware is in black and a black pearl pickguard. It has a grade flame maple 9.5 radius neck with locking tuners. The pickups are custom made for me by Jamie Campbell at ‘the creamery’ and are the ‘Hot Telecasters’ outputs are 7.5k neck and 8.6k bridge, all are alnico 5 magnets. Will  blog post pictures and put pics and specs on web site when finished ,…….so check it out later !!

Published by Filip Solberg

Bespoke built custom guitars in the East Neuk of fife Scotland. We build high quality guitars to exact details of the customer. Pick ups, woods and all hardware are specifically chosen based on tone and play-ability required. We do not have any stock guitars these are built for order only.

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