Recording new beats and video software

Beats and video

Well I have started writing music again after quite long break, just did not have any incentive or ideas. Best thing I find then is to just not bother about it as it usually comes back. Maybe you need a break and for things to happen in life that inspire you. Perhaps a major global event or something on a more personnel level just awakens that urge to create something. I just started messing around with some beats and a different approach to creating drum patterns and it started to develop into a beat, one I would not usually play or record. So I fired up my DAW which is Ableton 9 and started mixing and mastering a bit. The final cut is always difficult I think as when you upload to media platforms they mess with it and it never sounds the same. I think they automatically reduce the bass frequencies and set volumes. So if you listen to this snippet of the track please use headphone to get all frequencies unless you have good quality speakers. Rubbish on mobile phones !

So one thing I found that spurred me on to start writing and doing a bit of music production again was that I purchased a video editor, Filamora, to try and make videos a bit more interesting with some visual effects etc. Its not that easy, as I found out but you have to start somewhere and reading up on others experiences and mistakes is obviously a good place to start. Apart from learning the mechanics of the software there is always the question of content. There are a lot of website offering high quality videos to down load but these are often expensive but Pixabay and Pexels do offer good quality footage and free. Anyway this is just my first attempt so hopefully not to bad ? He hopes 🙂

Will be adding more videos in the future and more on Music production using Ableton 9 DAW. I think the first one will be a short video on external side chaining between kick drum and bass guitar as that is were problems often lie and later some on sidechaining the vocals against midrange frequencies. See you then !

Published by Filip Solberg

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