Fretboards and necks today !

Today its time to do some work on the guitar necks and maybe fretboards for the new models for 2021. I recently purchased some new tools; Rider 151C Spokeshave Curved Base and a Kirschen Drawknife Straight along with a Rider Sharpening Station Kit. The draw knife removes a lot of wood fast from the neck blank and the spokeshave allow a bit more refinement before sanding and forming of the neck. All of my guitar necks are made by hand no machinery for cutting or sanding. I just like to work slowly seeing the form of the neck come into being and I can easily correct any thing along the way. I have started putting my own logo in the headstock using Carbon powder and a white mother of pearl S for Solberg.

As you see the head stock on these models have the 4+2 configuration, its a bit different, but I think it adds to the look. I am also using the Schaller M6-180 tuners. used on the Music man guitars, seen here top right and bottom left.

I am also using a new type of tuner I have not used before, the Steinberger Gearless Tuners. These tuners give Improved string locking and 40:1 tuning ratio! for unparalleled accuracy. Straight string pull eliminates winding. The locking knob on top secures the string to prevent slippage. String installation is fast and easy, and the tuning action is impressively smooth. These are a nice addition to the style of the guitars.


The fretboards I am working with at the moment are African Ebony, Rosewood and Cocobolo. I really like the Cocobolo as it has a warm orange brown hue to it. It is actually a type of Rosewood and has similar grain, just a bit brighter in colour.

Anyway time to put something warm on and get into the work shed, with coffee too I think today its freezing out there.

Published by Filip Solberg

Bespoke built custom guitars in the East Neuk of fife Scotland. We build high quality guitars to exact details of the customer. Pick ups, woods and all hardware are specifically chosen based on tone and play-ability required. We do not have any stock guitars these are built for order only.

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