Started a Jazz guitar course !

Here is the first Jazz standard I have learnt on guitar and some of my experiences.

Started a Jazz course online

So after a few years of making guitars and playing, off and on over many years. I have finally decided to get to grips with Jazz. By the way, the video below is my first attempt to play ‘The A train’ a Jazz standard. So WHY ? I hear you say. Well, I have done a few courses in blues guitar, some online courses too. These have been good but they always seem to cover the same thing at least in the same manner. I found it hard to be enthusiastic about learning riffs that seemed to be everywhere on the net or at least reminded me of very similar riffs and licks I have heard for years. Maybe it is just my lack of imagination ? I have also always struggled with style.

The A train

By that I mean, I have never found a preferred style of music or jondre, a favourite. I really just like lots of different music. One thing I have notice though, is that when ever I pick up the guitar just to mess around on for a while, the very first chords or notes always have a slight swing or Jazz feel to them. Even though I have never studied Jazz or learnt any Jazz standards. Even when trying to write a country blues songs, it always start or eventually slides over to a more Jazz orientated feel.

So now maybe I just have to except that my brain and hands or more importantly my ears like the Jazz feel more. After only doing the Jazz course for a week, which is online with Jens Larsen at the music conservatory in Den Haag Holland, I am finding out answers to things I have wondered about for years. For example, the best way to play melodic lines passing from one chord to another. Or making chords more than just chords but also working as a melody too, chord soloing ! The other thing I like is the clinical approach needed to perform some of the tasks set out in the Jazz roadmap. Mybe its because I have worked as a scientist and researcher all my life that this approach speaks to me and unlike many others I do not find it boring as I know routine and attention to detail are quintessential for success in Science but that is also true to become a Jazz musician or indeed any other profession. SO I will in the future mix videos of my guitar making with my progression in Jazz. See what happends.

Take care all Filip

Published by Filip Solberg

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