New song ‘Way Down’ and my first video

Well it is still snowing here in Fife like most of the east coast of Scotland. It’s not being call the Beast from the east this time. Think our met office friends have not been that imaginative this year with regards to names. Unlike in 2018 when Anticyclone Hartmut (The Beast), a storm that lasted 24 Feb 2018 – 4 Mar brought a cold wave to Great Britain and Ireland. Anticyclone Hartmut also brought widespread unusually low temperatures and heavy snowfall to large areas. So I guess this year is not that bad then ?? Anyway below are some photos from yesterday from Cellardyke 2 mins from where I live. You can see the snow coming in from over the north sea soon to make land and there is one of the Isle of May.

As its too cold to work on the guitars in the workshop and I am waiting for paint, which is taking ages due to the weather. I have spent a few days working with new video software (Filmora X) and a song I wrote awhile back which is a slow blues. Tried to capture a laidback sleepy feel to this blues which is about a man of colour who is driving north to Maine from the south to escape memories of his home and father who was not the best role model. Its the first song I wrote and played all instruments and recorded it here too. So the video is kind of the final bit to add. Although its not the best I think as a first attempt is pretty good ??? I used the Solberg Sonic guitar on this track with my custom built Blackberry 30W tube amp from Beteramps. A good combination for clean and sweet sounds.

Anyway here is the first video I have made, it has is clichés etc but its not bad for a first attempt. Will have to dive into the software a bit and see just what can be done as it looks pretty complicated

Published by Filip Solberg

Bespoke built custom guitars in the East Neuk of fife Scotland. We build high quality guitars to exact details of the customer. Pick ups, woods and all hardware are specifically chosen based on tone and play-ability required. We do not have any stock guitars these are built for order only.

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