Solberg NT Guitar

Well it has been some time since I worked on this guitar so thought an update necessary.

Have finished the fretboard which is sanded to a 12” radius and medium jumbo frets in nickel are now fitted. The fretboard will be finished with Lemon oil.

Now at the stage to decide body colour etc but have opted for a Danish oil finish on the spalted beech top and the back which is American ash. You can see from the video below there is still a lot of sanding to do and cleaning up. The procedure for oiling is a bit lengthy:

Three coats of oil are applied to saturate the wood. Here you must make sure that the wood shows no dry spot otherwise more oil needs to be applied. Then sanding with 2000 grit paper soaked in Danish oil six times with 5 hours drying time in-between. The final finish is done with beeswax polish. The same is being done on the maple neck too. Then we are done and its just a clean up and fitting the electrics and a final set procedure for bridge and stings. Hope to be able to do a demo video with this guitar at the end of the month. This is going to take a week and then some more to make sure all is dry before assembly.

I found it really amazing how different one piece of wood can react to an oil. Even though two saturation coats were lavishly applied you could still clearly see some dry wood. Of course you have to continue with the oil until these disappear and before you start to use sandpaper.

So a tip if you are thinking of doing this for the first time on any wood. Before you start…

  • Warm the Danish oil first in a can of warm water for two hours and decant into a smaller can.
  • Have the wood (guitar) at room temperature not workshop temperature for two hours before you apply the saturation coats. The heat makes the oil more workable and it will penetrate the wood better
  • Two separate Lint free cloths for wiping on and excess oil. Store these in separate zip lock bags.
  • Pour back the Danish oil into the stock can after you have worked on the wood. Even if you cover the smaller can and leave it overnight between coats a film will form on the oil and it can become discoloured

If you want to have a look at some short videos of guitars and some songs/Tunes I have writen and recorded in the Solberg studios check out my music below.

More news on studio tracks and guitar soon !

Published by Filip Solberg

Bespoke built custom guitars in the East Neuk of fife Scotland. We build high quality guitars to exact details of the customer. Pick ups, woods and all hardware are specifically chosen based on tone and play-ability required. We do not have any stock guitars these are built for order only.

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