Getting back to normal times at Solberg Guitars

Well its been awhile since I have posted as things have been moving slowly here due to Coronavirus-19 lock down. The is post slower than normal and wood suppliers closing down during the lock down phase of this dreaded virus has lead to delays in the work. Anyway, I hope all are OK ? Have just been messing around with some tunes and writing some songs which I never seem to get around to finishing ! Click on the Instagram or Facebook icons for more info or to listen to some recent tune. The guitars are on this website and facebook page.

Just a wee cowboy country tune I am working

This track was recorded at Solberg Studios with my own purpose built country style guitar featured below. This has the Seymour Duncan 4-2 Nashville pickups which give a very distinct sound.

This track was recorded with the Solberg Nashville Telecaster with Seymour Duncan 4-2 Nashville pick ups.

So will things be getting be back to normal soon ….hopefully… we will be able to start up as normal soon and get some guitar necks finished for the new model bodies. Have posted a wee country tune here that I started writing the other day Just a bit of fun really 🙂 but like every thing else hope it develops into some thing. I think a trip back to Sweden is on the cards shortly and some more studio work to get the next album out on Spotify.

So I am thinking of posting some lock down walks from around the East Nuek where I live, especially on the coastal path. This has been my daily exercise route for the passed 4 months…See ya soon. Stay safe !

Beautiful yellow Gorse on the east Neuk coastal path

Still in the paint shop

Just been waiting for the paint on the guitars to cure …that 4 weeks minimum for Nitro. So soon I can start the sanding and then lacquer them. Been a bit slow recently with all that is happening but hope you all are good !

This what it looked like earlier now scraped and cleaned.

The paint is Nitro cellulose and it will get a few licks of the same nitro lacquer. Will be back soon ..hopefully

Cocobolo or Rosewood

Hi all and I hope all is well. In Scotland its raining and freezing so was not out in the work shed for long before coffee called and a general whole body defrosting was needed. The body of the second model for 2021 is getting close to being finished so time to think about the neck and more immediately the fretboard. As the body is a classic British racing car green with real rosewood bindings I thought a rose wood fretboard would be a good idea so I have a classic rosewood with green pearl dot inlays and one other type of rosewood which is Cocobolo. The latter has a more orange brown hue to it and a more pronounced grain. However cannot decide just now what do you think ? which fretboard fits the body best ? The inlay is high temp/pressure treated birch which has colour added during the treatment process. This means the green pigment goes into the pores but not closed pores and hence you get this effect.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-foreground-light-background-color has-background" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The body still need sanding back and the bindings scraping then its several coats of Nitro lacquer. The neck is maple but the will be stained to match the fretboard and bindings. Please comment on which you think is best if you have the time. The body still need sanding back and the bindings scraping then its several coats of Nitro lacquer. The neck is maple but the will be stained to match the fretboard and bindings. Please comment on which you think is best if you have the time.

The Solberg P90 Stratocaster

As promised another sound bite of one my guitars this time a Stratocaster type with P90 custom made pickups and TBX tone pots. For full description see webpage for P90’s. This particular one is a water stained I made up myself and is close to Burgundy in colour. The video below is a recording with this guitar into a Fender Silver face amp and a touch of Voodoo labs Sparkle Drive on. When this guitar is played clean it has a very funky kick to it, warmer than standard Strat pick ups and the 4th pick up selection position give the quack sound but also warmer. Responds nicely to effect pedals due to its clean tone. You can see more guitar stuff and clips on Social media site below

Sound of the Solberg Sonic

Have never really got round to loading up music videos of the guitars l make. So I decide to publish a few. Will make more soon too. This is the Solberg Sonic one of the first guitars l made for sale but ended up keeping it. It has due to the Sonic 64’s pick ups a clean sweet sound perfect for more jazzy soulful tunes. See website for full spec of the Sonic. The guitar is recorded without any effects, straight into the amp.

The guitar was built as an affordable option for people wanting a boutique made guitar without a high price tag as these guitar often hit well over the £2000 price range. This is a wee tune l wrote a while back and recorded. Happy to hear what you think.

New for 2021

Well after a while of downtime I am now trying to finish the first new guitar for 2021.

This is the spalted Beech model new design for 2021 with my own head stock and a 4+2 tuning configuration. The neck is flame maple and fretboard a 12″ radius African Ebony. Body is American Ash with 5mm Spalted Beech top which will be treated with Danish oil.

The Back and sides are Arctic white and it comes with Ebony 6mm bindings front and back. There is also a Ebony inlay straight down the middle of the guitar. Pick up configuration is the usual Telecaster routing but the pick ups are specially made Sonic 64’s for this guitar. Still got some work to do but its getting there. Big problem is going to be getting these new guitars to any guitar show in 2021. But hey lets face it thats the least of our problems these days folk’s. Yall stay safe now.

New Year Video from Cellardyke

Soon the year 2020 will be over and lets hope for something better in 2021. So happy new year to all and just thought I would post a wee video of a walk along the coast where I live in Anstruther in Fife Scotland. Oh yea and no Hogmanay in Scotland this year folks, remember ! So what has been happening at Solberg guitars well……not much if honest.

Time was taken up by many other things in the summer so not much work got done on the new guitar designs but I am now working on the new guitar necks and three guitar bodies are close to completion.

Should have also been at the London International guitar show October 27th but that was cancelled as were a few more shows. Anyway if I get these new guitars done I may be at some shows in 2021, that is when we are all vaccinated eh ! As for the music production that has also dropped off. I found it difficult being creative and writing new songs, not as much as the music. I do have about 8 tunes partially recorded, it was more the text to the songs that was not that forthcoming. After being restricted for so long, the only time I got out was going back to Sweden for 2 weeks in October, it made me realize how normal everyday things can kick off an idea which can be developed into a text a theme. Anyway here’s to 2021 and lets hope things get back to normal. Wishing all a happy new year and stay safe…Filip

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