Getting back to normal times at Solberg Guitars

Well its been awhile since I have posted as things have been moving slowly here due to Coronavirus-19 lock down. The is post slower than normal and wood suppliers closing down during the lock down phase of this dreaded virus has lead to delays in the work. Anyway, I hope all are OK ? Have just been messing around with some tunes and writing some songs which I never seem to get around to finishing ! Click on the Instagram or Facebook icons for more info or to listen to some recent tune. The guitars are on this website and facebook page.

Just a wee cowboy country tune I am working

This track was recorded at Solberg Studios with my own purpose built country style guitar featured below. This has the Seymour Duncan 4-2 Nashville pickups which give a very distinct sound.

This track was recorded with the Solberg Nashville Telecaster with Seymour Duncan 4-2 Nashville pick ups.

So will things be getting be back to normal soon ….hopefully… we will be able to start up as normal soon and get some guitar necks finished for the new model bodies. Have posted a wee country tune here that I started writing the other day Just a bit of fun really 🙂 but like every thing else hope it develops into some thing. I think a trip back to Sweden is on the cards shortly and some more studio work to get the next album out on Spotify.

So I am thinking of posting some lock down walks from around the East Nuek where I live, especially on the coastal path. This has been my daily exercise route for the passed 4 months…See ya soon. Stay safe !

Beautiful yellow Gorse on the east Neuk coastal path

Still in the paint shop

Just been waiting for the paint on the guitars to cure …that 4 weeks minimum for Nitro. So soon I can start the sanding and then lacquer them. Been a bit slow recently with all that is happening but hope you all are good !

This what it looked like earlier now scraped and cleaned.

The paint is Nitro cellulose and it will get a few licks of the same nitro lacquer. Will be back soon ..hopefully

Progress on new guitars for 2021

The guitar has a specially treated inlay cut into the body made from Maple. This was achieved using 2-3mm single cutter routers. The inlay (Maple) is injected with a green coloured acrylic polymer at high temperature and pressure. Where there are open pores, the polymer will penetrate the Maple it giving colour but also hardening it. That does make it more difficult to work with but you get a very individualistic effect to add to your work. I think its great and well worth the time.

Well the first new model for 2021 is well on its way now. It is still in progress and I need finish soldering the electrics in and finishing and staining the neck and head. It will be interesting to see and hear the final product.

Jumble jazz and a wee video

So ! not posted in a while as I have been working on some new guitar bodies and testing water based stains and lacquers. Will post on this subject when I have the desired result. But I thought as nature is testing us all at the moment a wee video with the four seasons may be a reminder of how beautiful nature can is when its not attacking us.

This track was recorded some time ago so I have just remastered it . Its not the best if honest but you have to start somewhere and this was the first jazz tune I had ever wrote, you can probably hear that . In any case, I decided to learn more jazz guitar so signed up with Jens Larsen, a jazz guitar teacher at the music conservatory at the university, Den Haag, Holland. Oh boy am I learning. If your a guitarist you can check out Jens You tube channel, he publishes weekly and has lots of videos on how to learn Jazz. It is difficult and having to learn a completely different style tests your concentration but its fun.

This track was recorded with the first ever guitar I built. It was made as a simple guitar just testing new tools woods and some suppliers too. I used the Solberg Sonic guitar as this guitar has Sonic 64’s pickups known for there sweet sound (see pics below). Its funny but many seem to think that only semi acoustic guitars should be used for jazz but I think you hear it here that this is not the case. Indeed I have heard many good and credible jazz guitarist use Fender telecasters. Its all about what tone you dial up on the guitar and amplifier. Any way hope all are well and I will be back with more guitar stuff next week when I hope the new guitar will have been sanded buffed and pickups etc screwed in place.

Spalted Beech top and ‘Skinny mids’ pickups

Well its been clean up day and checking that the specifications are correct on this guitar and as required for the model. Had a few inquiries about this guitar but unfortunately it has an owner now 🙂 Just set pickup pole heights on the skinny mid pickups and a general clean to make sure no edges anywhere. Its a chunky guitar not to everyone’s liking. The neck is a nice maple flame with an Ebony fretboard and boat form profile on the neck

There are some tunes on my Instagram page with sound bites from some of the guitars. There is a facebook page and you tube channel too. I will be making more videos soon too.

Spalted beech

The pickups are custom made so called ‘Skinny Scooped Mids’ lots of base and treble but the mid frequencies’ are scooped out so to say. The Tremolo is a Maverik trem, which is the only tremolo for telecaster style bridge pickups. I do not think you retain the telecaster style if you put on a Stratocaster type of tremolo. It just looks odd to me but at the end of the day its about what you like so…..

The body is ash with a 5 mm thick spalted beech top. This is hardened to stop the wood moving. Spalted beech has a tendency to do that and crack if it is not stabilized properly first. The top is then treated with Nitro lacquer and polished. I have only painted the sides, black, and it has black and white pearl bindings front and back. The capacitor in the electric circuit is a 0.02 uF cap and all pots are CTS. If you have any questions mail me at

New song ‘Way Down’ and my first video

Well it is still snowing here in Fife like most of the east coast of Scotland. It’s not being call the Beast from the east this time. Think our met office friends have not been that imaginative this year with regards to names. Unlike in 2018 when Anticyclone Hartmut (The Beast), a storm that lasted 24 Feb 2018 – 4 Mar brought a cold wave to Great Britain and Ireland. Anticyclone Hartmut also brought widespread unusually low temperatures and heavy snowfall to large areas. So I guess this year is not that bad then ?? Anyway below are some photos from yesterday from Cellardyke 2 mins from where I live. You can see the snow coming in from over the north sea soon to make land and there is one of the Isle of May.

As its too cold to work on the guitars in the workshop and I am waiting for paint, which is taking ages due to the weather. I have spent a few days working with new video software (Filmora X) and a song I wrote awhile back which is a slow blues. Tried to capture a laidback sleepy feel to this blues which is about a man of colour who is driving north to Maine from the south to escape memories of his home and father who was not the best role model. Its the first song I wrote and played all instruments and recorded it here too. So the video is kind of the final bit to add. Although its not the best I think as a first attempt is pretty good ??? I used the Solberg Sonic guitar on this track with my custom built Blackberry 30W tube amp from Beteramps. A good combination for clean and sweet sounds.

Anyway here is the first video I have made, it has is clichés etc but its not bad for a first attempt. Will have to dive into the software a bit and see just what can be done as it looks pretty complicated

A Telecaster or Stratocaster for Jazz ?

Well today saw even more snow fall here in the East Neuk of Fife and of course that means everything on the transport network stops. So I have been doing some exercises in Jazz standards tosay, specifically a tune called ‘The A train’. I have tested different phrasing to the AABA standard Jazz chord sequence but also tested different guitars to see which one I could get a of my guitars I could get an acceptable Jazz tone from. I have made one recording on a Semi Acoustic guitar which I guess you could say is the standard Jazz guitar played by the Jazz greats such as Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery etc. The other two videos are on guitars made here in my workshops. The first video features the Solberg Sonic which has Sonic 60’s pickups which I generally find to have a sweet tone. Here I just play the melody to the tune i.e. standard phrasing. The second video is on my 1984 Hohner professional SE35 with Humbuckers from ‘The Creamery’ Manchester, these pickups are very clean. The last video features my Walnut Telecaster. The pickups in this one are Fender custom shop Texas specials usually associated with a more country style guitar sound. However this guitar does not have a normal tone pot, it is basically a frequency cut. The effect of this is that it removes all frequencies, no mix or blend ! The result is a guitar that is great for recording and use with effect pedals. Question is do there perform better for a Jazz ?

The Sonic Stratocaster

This is the Solberg Sonic. Just playing the standard melody line for ‘The A train’

The Hohner SE35 semi acoustic

Solo over the AABA chord progression using the Hohner SE35.

The walnut Telecaster

This is the walnut Telecaster where I have change the solo lines to fit more with the chord changes in the tune.

So the question is which one has the better Jazz sound given the choice of guitar /pickups ? It is of course generally excepted that you a have to play Jazz on semi acoustics but I beg to differ. What do you think ?

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