Sound Bite From New Album. Armed for independence

Sound bite and video form latest track

Been working on many tracks recently though think I have had a bit of writers block. The tunes music and themes seem to come along fine.

Problem is finding words text motives and something to say. You would think that is odd with every thing going on around us these days but it not that easy to write, say, sing these things without it sound tired and a bit worn out. SO a few days of reading irrelevant things may relax the brain and some nice long walks may free up some inspiration ….Hopefully !

Messing with the Solberg Nashville Telecaster

Have not blogged out any tracks for a while so thought I would share this bit of a wee country tunes I wrote last week. Still working on many tunes though. Got lots of ideas and partially written tunes recorded. So from that point of view Covid-19 has been a productive time. It has also given me the time to do maintenance on my own personal guitars like the Nashville Telecaster I built a while back. You can check out the specifications on the website under the Guitar tab.

The Solberg Nashville

So this track is a typical country tune but I put two lead guitar solos over each other just to show the difference in tone you can get. That is because one solo is using the bright tone switch which sends the signal through a different capacitor 0.01uF and straight to the amplifier, the other solo is just normal, bright switch off. Makes a big difference in tone and volume.

Cowboy thing

So have a wee listen to this tune and see what you think of the sound. You can check out some more guitars on the website and facebook page as well as some more tunes on instagram and my own songs on spotify see below.

Getting back to normal times at Solberg Guitars

Well its been awhile since I have posted as things have been moving slowly here due to Coronavirus-19 lock down. The is post slower than normal and wood suppliers closing down during the lock down phase of this dreaded virus has lead to delays in the work. Anyway, I hope all are OK ? Have just been messing around with some tunes and writing some songs which I never seem to get around to finishing ! Click on the Instagram or Facebook icons for more info or to listen to some recent tune. The guitars are on this website and facebook page.

Just a wee cowboy country tune I am working

This track was recorded at Solberg Studios with my own purpose built country style guitar featured below. This has the Seymour Duncan 4-2 Nashville pickups which give a very distinct sound.

This track was recorded with the Solberg Nashville Telecaster with Seymour Duncan 4-2 Nashville pick ups.

So will things be getting be back to normal soon ….hopefully… we will be able to start up as normal soon and get some guitar necks finished for the new model bodies. Have posted a wee country tune here that I started writing the other day Just a bit of fun really 🙂 but like every thing else hope it develops into some thing. I think a trip back to Sweden is on the cards shortly and some more studio work to get the next album out on Spotify.

So I am thinking of posting some lock down walks from around the East Nuek where I live, especially on the coastal path. This has been my daily exercise route for the passed 4 months…See ya soon. Stay safe !

Beautiful yellow Gorse on the east Neuk coastal path

Still in the paint shop

Just been waiting for the paint on the guitars to cure …that 4 weeks minimum for Nitro. So soon I can start the sanding and then lacquer them. Been a bit slow recently with all that is happening but hope you all are good !

This what it looked like earlier now scraped and cleaned.

The paint is Nitro cellulose and it will get a few licks of the same nitro lacquer. Will be back soon ..hopefully

Funk for George Floyd

Wrote this tune today, checkit out on link below.

Well there is a lot i could say about George Floyd and the US police but it would just end up being a very long rant!!! Forget the isum,s and replace them fairness and compassion then maybe we will get somewhere? So on the day he was buried here a bit of funk. RIP George lets hope something happens !!! Like removing all the statues of the Victorian men who made family fortunes out of the slave trade in the UK. ? #guitars #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #luthier #customguitars #guitars #scotland #sweden #beats #musicproduction #jazzguitar #blues #songwriter #musician #removethe statues #c customguitars #countryblues #riffwars #guitarriffs #guitarpickups

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