On the bench today

This is the next new model for 2020. American ash body with spalted beech top. Wood bindings in ebony and a ebony inlay down the centre of the beech top.

New model 2020

The beech top is a bit difficult to work with due to different densities in the wood. This has been grain sealed, sanded, hardened and sanded again.

The sides are finished with double wood bindings in ebony wood and a centre line inlay on the top in ebony wood. Hope to get the primer and finish coat done this week.

Lockdown Electronics

Well not that much wood to get hold of for making guitar necks. So planning to build up some electrics for the new guitars. Here we have a choice of capacitors: orange spraque, black beauties and Russian military grade oil and paper. Will test later, oh and will post some pics of the coast were l live in Scotland just for fun maybe with some stories!


A bit of smooth Jazz perhaps on the Solberg Sonic?

Well with all the problems caused by the Coronavirus I hope all are keeping safe ! Here at Solberg Guitars we are at home and taking advantage of the down time to catch up on some guitar practise and recording a few wee tunes. The new guitars for 2020 will continue at a later date and we will see what happens with scheduled appearances at Guitar shows around the UK in the Autumn.

Now here is a little taste of the practise recording we did today for fun ! This is on the Solberg Sonic a Strat type guitar but with 60s sonic pick ups, very sweet sound and perfect for jazzy tones works a treat with a little reverb, I think. Hope to hear from you and stay Safe !!

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