Guitar Body options

The Solberg TX and Solberg TN both with spalted beechh tops ready for binding routing

Below are some options for your guitar body build. I source as much wood as possible from Scotland and use indigenous species when ever possible. Any shape can be templated if you have your own design too, I just need the dimensions. I can use water borne wood stains as these provide a wider options for shades and colours and more environmentally friendly but also traditional paints i.e. Nitrocellulose based paints.  Woods available are Ash, Beech, Sweet Chestnut, Cedar of Lebanon, Western Red Cedar, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Elm, Iroko, Meranti, Larch American White Oak, Burr Oak, European Oak, Scottish Oak, Purple Heart, Sapele, Spalted Beech, Sycamore, Black Walnut. swamp Ash, Maple. Not all are good for solid bodies but could be used for laminate tops and inlays.

Body: The Solberg guitar shape, see new builds tab and also Standard Strat/Tele bodies. For custom body please supply a design diagram with all dimensions.

F hole: Please note I do not build semi acoustic guitars type Gibson 335 but do make fender thin-line types. This can be applied to any body shape.

Orientation: Left/right handed.

Body material: Swamp ash, Alder, Maple, Walnut

Top: No top, Quilted maple, Flame maple, Alder and any of the above woods.

Controls: Front/back routing.

Pick up mounts: Strat/Tele routings 2 or 3 pick ups for single or humbucker types.

Pick ups: I will install any commercial pick up you wish or design you can choose magnet configuration.

Jack hole: Side or top.

Neck pocket: Strat, Tele, others too

Contours: Forearm contour, Tummy cut.

Battery box: Single, double.

Tremelo Type: Standard strat/Tele trem. Floyd types.

Hardtail type: Fender® standard flat mount and vintage Fender® standard flat mount.

Body color Finish: Transparent, Solid, Metallic. Water borne stains.

Type of lacquer: Waterborne gloss or satin, Nitrocellulose gloss or satin, Polyester, polyurethane or just oiled.