New Models coming 2021

After several years of building Stratocaster and Telecaster type guitars I decided last year to design my own. I will be posting in the blog updates and some photos showing the progression of 3 new types. I have tried to keep the guitars close to a classic look with modifications sometimes combining style of Gretch, fender telecaster and Les Paul looks. However, pick up and electronic configurations differ substantially. See blog posts for updates

Guitar #1 The Solberg Classic



This will have Curly Maple neck with the rosewood fret-board, on the right below. The neck will also have rosewood bindings.


The Body is made of Swamp ash with my new design a mix of Les Paul and telecaster two classics.

Body routed and green inlay fixed note the neck has a 4-2 tuner configuration.


Routing finished for pick ups, bridge and electrics. I have made the pick guard from polished aluminium sheet to fit with the chrome hardware and formed around the pickups and toggle switch. The control knobs are Gretsch style. The binding is rosewood.

Guitar #2 The Solberg Beech Bum

This is a slight variation of the Classic it is made out of Tulip wood and routed for telecaster style pick ups and has a spalted beech top.

Book matching the spalted beech top

Ebony wood bindings back routed and spalted beech top on body. Routed for telecaster style sonic ’60’s’ pickups. Controls are typical telecaster.

The binding are wood, Ebony to match the body.

Guitar #3 Solberg TT (Telecaster Tribute)

This guitars has the iconic telecaster body shape but will have the Solberg neck with 4-2 tuner configuration. It is made of tulip wood and has flame maple wood binding. The neck will have matching bindings too.

It is back routed and will be fitted with ‘Sweet 14’s’ which look like humbuckers but are single coil.

Solberg necks

Below is a prototype of my new neck. This one is black walnut with Bolivian pau ferro fret board 12″ radius and stainless steel medium size jumbo frets. The headstock has a Scottish Oak veneer


Tuners Schaller M6 in a 4-2 configuration as above for the classic guitar. The Telecaster tribute will have Stenburger gear less tuners as seen below also in a 4-2 configuration