Solberg Sonic

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Solberg Sonic Guitar custom £1550+postage and packing

Comes with Hiscox Liteflite standard case. The price is  for a standard version. Choice of pickups, color and hardware. Mail me for inquires.

The Sonic body is made of solid ash and has no pick guard. I have dyed the wood with waterborne transparent yellow and it has 12 coats of matt waterborn vanish finish and then polished. The neck is maple with rosewood  a fret board medium jumbo frets and a 12 inch radius so called SRV neck. The tuners are vintage style  and locking. The pickups are custom made for me by Jamie at the Creamery in Manchester UK.

This guitar has the  sonic 60s pickups with Alnico 2 magnets and outputs of 7.0 K,6.6K and 6.3K for the bridge, middle and neck pick up respectively. These are designed to give that richer, musical sound synonymous with the old classic Burns Tri-Sonic® design. The electronics are standard, apart from the tones pots which are TBX with 80 ohms resistors and a 0.02μF Spraque on bridge tone pot and a 0.001 μF Spraque capacitor on the bridge tone pot. For further details see below.


Material: Solid Ash
Finish: Transparent yellow, matt lacquer
Tremolo: Wilkinson floating tremolo
Routing. Rear Routed for access to electronics
Strap locks. Yes
Pick ups. Strat Sonic 60s custom made from the Creamery.
Control 1. CTS volume pot
Control 2. CTS TBX tone pot 0.02 micro F Spraque cap
Control 3. CTS TBX tone  pot 0.001 micro F Spraque cap
Pickup switch. 5 way Qakland.


Material: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fret size. 2mm Vintage
Inlay. Ivory
Scale lenght 25.5″
Radius: 12″
Profile: U
Skunk strip: No
Thickness: 22mm@1st fret, 24mm@12th fret.
Trust rod: access at heel Dual action.
Number of frets: 21
Nut Material and width: Bone, 42mm
Finish: Gloss
Machine heads: Sperzel Style Locking Machine Heads in Chrome

This a simple Startocaster style guitar but with the Sonic 64s trem arm and TBX tone pots. It has a real sweet sound to it ? Great for blues