Standard Telecaster in Walnut

This is a new standard Telecaster from Solberg Guitars. It is built from beautiful a piece of  Walnut, body, reverse neck and fret board which adds to the sustain of the guitar. It a straight forward guitar but with great tone. All hardware is in gold and features : 5-way pickup switch with a G&L Legacy wiring harness so call passive treble and bass cut (PTB) see below for details. The pick ups are Fender Custom shop Texas Specials.  The neck is reverse style 12″ radius and has locking tuners. 


£1400 + postage and packaging

The G&L wiring harness:

The circuit, sometimes called “PTB” (for “passive treble and bass”) combines standard treble-bleed Volume and Tone knobs with a Bass-Cut control. The latter has a huge effect on the way distortion pedals and amps respond to the pickups. Cutting some bass makes the pickups sound cleaner, airier, and more dynamic. 

This tone circuit lets you make similar adjustments from the guitar that you would using pedals,  Especially cutting lows that boom out of the amp. With fewer lows bombarding downstream amps and effects, the signal becomes brighter, cleaner, and livelier. 

 It three-knob guitar provided you with  a Master Volume and Tone controls for both pickups and is brilliant for studio/recording work.

Body: Telecaster style Walnut

Reverse neck: Walnut 12″ radius

Tuners : Locking 

Bridge: 3 Saddle Wilkinson

Pickups Fender Custom shop Texas specials

Pickup harness: Fitted with quick switch Terminals.

switch: 5-way pick up switch 


1 Neck

2  Neck Bridge in parallel

3 Bridge 

4 Bridge and neck in series

5 Neck with 0.01 μF cap

Jack Socket: Switchcraft