PICKUPS with sound bites

The pick ups are obviously an important part of an electric guitar and together with the rest of the electronics contribute to the guitars tone and versatility. If the customer knows which make and type of pick ups they want to obtain their particular sound I will fit these to the guitar. If you are not sure which pick ups will give you the sound you want or if you are open to experimenting with different tones many options are available. Therefore I always like to discuss this with a customer before starting a build.

The pick ups I normally use are custom made to my requirements by Jamie Campbell at the creamery Manchester, this enables me to experiment with winding’s, materials, magnets and power outputs and create specific tones. Below you see my Sonic 64s specially made for Telecasters hence the rail style bridge pick up.
Sonic 64’s special build for Telecasters
There is no recording of the Telecaster version of the sonics 64s, they are brand new, so here is a video of the same but for the Statocaster.
Fender Custom shop Texas Specials Listen Here https://youtu.be/e2dLitygNfI

The sound of my Sweet 14s foils below are fitted only on the new models.

Sweet 14s

Seymore Duncan STL 52-1 Nashville studio.

These are the  5-2s where DGBE strings have alnico 2 magnets giving treble sweetness and the E A stings have alnico 5 magnets for bright punchy bass notes. Listen below.

TV Jones Magnetrons. Link give demo of several TV Jones pick ups, have a listen all can be fitted


Curtis Novak (specials) Flat top pickups This is the GT-V

Curtis Novac GT-V top mounted

Note !! TV Jones and Curtis Novak are expensive ~$350 to buy and then import and customs duties increase the cost to around £450-500.
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