Vintage 1965 VOX AC30 for sale £1500-1600. Now sold.

I recently acquired this amp which has basically been in storage the past 20 years ! and hardly used before then !! It is in excellent condition with only a few marks on the side of the cabinet. It is in next to mint condition and that is reflected in the price.
Cosmetically it is excellent and it is in full working condition. It was recently checked over by Dennis Marshall in Dunfermline and one valve was changed. The amp has not been modified in any way and all the components are original parts as shown in the photos. It comes with original cover which is a bit worn now.

It dates from 1965 according to serial number and codes on the transformers. The Vib-Trem, normal and brilliant channels all work fine and give all the sounds you’d expect from a classic AC30.
It’s a fantastic amp, especially considering its age. A vintage classic!
Mail me for any further info.