Woods in the work shop

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The top left photo is of the spalted beech as two 25mm thick planks. One plank has been sliced into 5 pieces 4=4mm one about 6 mm. Photos 2 and 3 are 2 match pieces of the 4 slices  each. The bottom photos shows a T type in the making, flattening for the tops.


The Solberg TX Nashville and Solberg TN both with Spalted beech tops ready for binding routing
The TN routed and 6mm cream binding attached using the Acetone method.
godd one 2
Gluing beech tops to body
The Solberg sonic routing finished
Pale yellow waterborne color applied and arm contour sanding started
Birch Burl used for inlays
4 mm Laburnum wood used for inlays and head stock